Apple Cider For Weight Loss

Apple cider for weight loss
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Apple Cider For Weight Loss

The effects of apple cider vinegar in weight loss is not exactly new. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of celebrities who are known to be in this kind of diet and actually swears by it. You can just Google it now and you will easily come up with at least a dozen.

Apple cider is probiotic that’s why it has a very good effect on the body. It has many additional health benefits which include fortifying your immune system. While it does promote weight loss it is not similar to other fad diets. Once you start taking in apple cider as a regular habit you will lose weight gradually and you will be able to keep that weight off. It’s not another yo-yo diet program that you do to radically and quickly reach your goals only to lose all of your progress once you start taking in food.

How do you incorporate apple cider into your lifestyle?
  1. Add apple cider to your drinks – Instead of drinking your regular juice that you probably have every breakfast you should start adding apple cider to them. You can find several recipes online that will help you create the perfect drink for you or perhaps even a mocktail.
  2. Take apple cider before you have your meal – It is scientifically known that apples have a lot of pectins. This particular substance aids in making you feel full and satisfied even though you haven’t eaten a lot of food. Drinking apple cider before you eat something will help decrease your appetite. The acids in this vinegar will also help digest and break down proteins and fats that are found in your meal.
  3. You can detox your body with apple cider – This is probably the most popular kind of detox that you can find on the internet. It is very easy to do and you can normally find the ingredients in your kitchen. All you would need is an apple cider, purified water, and some maple syrup or honey. You just need to combine all these ingredients together and set at a day or two for your detox (Some people do it longer). Detox is basically like fasting but instead of water, you will be using this concoction. It has many positive effects and will definitely help you lose a lot of weight. It is something that you might want to consider seriously.

Another benefit that apple cider vinegar is well known for is the amount of potassium that it can provide the body. Potassium basically counters the effects of salt. If your body has enough of it you will not hold a lot of water and can definitely help when it comes to losing weight. It is also medically acknowledged that potassium helps prevent heart diseases. One way to maximize the benefits you can get from this vinegar is to use it as a salt replacement. Every time you are tempted to add salt to your food like your vegetables or perhaps even your French fries you can add a few drops apple cider vinegar instead.


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