30 minutes out of 1440 (Key for living long)

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Sitting with a smartphone in one hand and chips bowl in other thanks to 2k18(Technology era). Obesity in teens is very common now. We need to get moving towards a healthy lifestyle but how much walking is enough? This question is very common now. So here we are with a detailed and proper answer. 30 minutes’ walk is enough for a healthy life. Wow, only 30 minutes out of 1440 minutes. There are many benefits of adding a walk in your daily routine, some are listed below.

Improves blood circulation:

Walking keeps our blood in circulation. Nowadays we sit for long period of time again thanks to technology so a short 30-minute walk can improve our blood circulation.

Weight loss:

When we think about losing weight first thing that comes to our mind is super sweaty workouts to reduce those extra fats but that is not reality. A 30 minutes’ walk with good speed can also work. Try it to believe it.

Inflexible joints and muscles:

If you want to minimize your risk of inflexible joints in future, you have to take out 30 minutes today. That can strengthen your muscle and joints.

How to start your daily walk?

Write down your daily schedule on a paper. Now take out free time from your schedule, put on your joggers and Start! You just have to prepare yourself for a walk.

Note: start from 10-15 minute walk. Don’t do an intense workout. Gradually increase the time and miles.

Morning walk:

Morning walk is more beneficial. 30 minutes’ walk in morning can keep you healthy for a long period. Fresh morning air keeps your nerves calm. Improves your mental health and will keep you energetic throughout the day.
Along with the walk, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Start your day with lemon water to detox your body. Stay tuned for more healthy tips.

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