Avoid constipation during weight loss diet

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Your diet and constipation

Reducing weight is not a piece of cake. From your diet to bed routine you have to change everything for better results but Changing in diet will affect your body. If you are on a diet that allows you to eat certain food group, your body might respond by producing a hard and dry stool. If you are facing constipation during weight loss diet, don’t worry you are not alone but you can definitely fix this problem by doing small steps. But first, we should know the reason.

  • A change in your food group i.e. low carbs, high protein, more fats etc.
  • Skipping meals
  • Portion control
  • Drinking less water
  • Increasing too much fiber drastically
  • Now we have come to know the reason, here are some tips to manage it
    Schedule your meal:

    Skipping your meal for weight loss is not recommended. Try eating at the same time every day.

    Balanced Diet:

    Don’t do fade dietings. If you are on a diet that allows you to eat a certain group of food like high fiber, low carbs, high fat, low protein etc. That will lead you towards dry and hard stools. Try eating a balanced diet that should consist of a suitable amount of carbs, fiber, and protein.

    Add more H2O:

    To keep your bowl functions regulate you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.
    Tip: Avoid drinking water in between your food that causes gas in some people.

    Add some fiber:

    Fiber makes your stool larger and soft. So add a small amount of fiber in your diet. Adding fruits and fresh vegetable can also help to solve this problem.

Ease it with exercise:

Exercise can help your food to move quickly through your colon. 30 minutes workout in a week will help you out. Walking to a nearby park with your dog can also help you out.

If your pain persists please see a doctor.

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