Healthy weight gain tips

weight gain tips
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Ways for healthy weight gain

Do not you eat food? It seems like you are eating air nowadays. You should consult a doctor because you are looking pale. Ugghhhhhh are you tired of hearing all these? Of course yes because being underweight can be equally frustrated as being overweight. Just like weight loss you need to follow a proper diet plan to gain muscle. Please keep in mind that you need to gain muscle for a healthy weight gain so adding bogus calories from junk food and the processed item is not going to help you in a healthy weight gain.

How to know, if you are underweight?

Technically, a BMI (Body mass index) that’s less than 18.5 is considered underweight so please check your BMI first before following any of these steps.

Why gain weight?

According to Swiss National Cohort study program 2014, examined that being underweight increases your risk of injuries. This research also shows that there is an association between low BMI and depression. This is why it is important to gain some pounds if you are underweight. So read on to learn how to gain weight safely.

Here are five rules for putting on weight while improving your health.

Eat every four hours: Your body works like an engine that’s always on (like your heart is continuously pumping blood to all organs). The major reason for being skinny is you are not eating proper calories to fuel that engine. Most skinny people say that they are eating all the day but not gaining weight I advise them to track their calories through myfitnessPal or try keeping a journal with you.

Drink more shakes: Don’t fill up yourself with soda, coffee, and other beverages. Try healthy fruit shakes made up with fresh milk. Like banana and date shakes are best for weight gain.

Drink water on right time: Habit of drinking water before a meal is good but if you are skinny please avoid drinking water right before meal because drinking water before meal can blunt your appetite.

Eat more protein: Your muscle needs protein to grow in a healthy way so try eating eggs, fish, chicken, and beef.

Dressing: To add more calories to your regular food go for dressing. You can add cheese to your scrambled eggs or extra dressing on your regular salads.

Please be consistent with your exercise and food tracking because consistency is the key. Stay healthy stay happy.

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